Trash to Treasure

TRASH to TREASURE  is an annual event here at Arlington Elementary. It is a unique contest in which participants take “trash” items (anything from pop bottles and toilet paper tubes to broken flower pots and pool noodles!) and turn them into something completely different, creative, and beautiful!

This sea turtle was created using an old cardboard box, some newspaper, buttons, and several old pairs of jeans! Wow!

The Trash to Treasure contest is held every year in late March/ early April in conjunction with the Lean Green Health Machine Fair that Arlington puts on. The exact date is to be announced. Entries will NOT be accepted until this time. This means you have plenty of time to get started and create a real masterpiece! The first thing to do is get started collecting ‘trash’ items for your project so that you have some great supplies to work with! Unlike some school projects, which are to be completed only by the student, Trash to Treasure encourages the whole family to participate! Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins – ANYONE can help! Bring your family together and start having fun creating!

Each year Ray’s Trash sponsors our event and helps to select our winners! Artwork is judged on the following: ORIGINALITY, CREATIVITY, and USE OF RECYCLED ITEMS (not craft supplies or things purchased for the project.)

Here are a few photos of previous Trash to Treasure projects:

9 Comments on “Trash to Treasure”

  1. julia wells says:

    i am from arlington elementary and i entered in trash to treasure and i got second place when iwas in 3rd grade and i am in 4th grade now so i just wanted to say i won second place and mine was the big race car!!!!!

  2. Clara, I like this page! I am in love with the turtle. Is this a student’s art work? Great job!

  3. mrs g says:

    These are wonderful projects. So creative.

  4. Devin holland says:

    Hey Mrs.Crosby. I love your blog. Also love the trash to treasure stuff that u made………

    • Clara Crosby says:

      Thank you very much, Devin! I hope that you create a piece for Trash to Treasure this year!! I encourage you to look at the requirements for artist of the month and go for it!!! See you in art class!

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