Mrs. Crosby is a student AND a teacher!

I am happy to share with you that I am taking a graduate course called Blogging for Art Educators.  Teachers are required to earn six graduate level college credits every five years to renew their licenses.  I love taking classes, especially via The Art of Education, because the courses are very relevant to my profession.

The first thing I have learned in the class, after watching Simon Sinek’s TED talk, is that my blog needs to have a clearer purpose.  Sinek says over and over again during his talk that “People don’t buy what you do.  They buy WHY you do it!”  I want all of you to ‘buy’ my belief in the value of arts education for our young people.  I want to do a better job of sharing my passion with you. Let me begin by sharing the results of one of my assignments so that you can see the direction my blog will begin to take:

What is the purpose of my blog:

  • to allow families to see what is happening in art class
  • to provide evidence for the validity of how I teach
  • to share with other art teachers what I am doing
  • to notify families of art events at our school
  • to share art resources with families such as classes/workshops/museum opportunities

What will I provide to readers:

  • photos of student artwork with an explanation of their thinking
  • links to research-based backing for the arts
  • links to art events and opportunities/museums/art games
  • links to events at our school

Who is my audience:

  • parents/families
  • other art educators
  • students

How will my blog help me to become a better educator:

  • by posting regularly about what is happening in the art room I will become more accountable for what I am doing and why I am doing it
  • I will make stronger connections with my students and their families
  • I will connect with other art educators and therefore, not be so isolated
  • I will be more aware of the art opportunities in my area so that I can share with students


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