Waiting list for architecture station!

In a choice-based art room, the teacher begins class with a 5-7 minute demonstration.  It might be to introduce a new artist, or an art technique, or revisiting clean up procedures.  Then, students are free to choose what they will create.  Stations have been slowly introduced with new ones being added as students develop competence and confidence.  Right now we have the following stations:  clay, collage, drawing, painting(watercolor or easels), recycled art(cds, floppy disks, and cardboard), computers, fiber arts, and architecture.  There is almost always a waiting list for the architecture station due to its popularity.  In the architecture station there are menus and photos that demonstrate architectural structures and styles.  We have Lincoln Logs, pattern blocks, architectural blocks, and Kapla blocks.  The video above shows what a student created from Kapla blocks.  (Kapla blocks are a VERY GOOD idea for a birthday present or just for an ‘I-want-to-play-too’ present!!)


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