Discipline Plan

Discipline Plan for the Art Room

Art Room Rules

  1.                   Enter and be seated quickly and quietly.
  2.                   Give teacher attention on signal.  (Give me 5.)
  3.                   Raise hands before talking in class.
  4.                   Keep your hands, feet, and other objects to yourself.
  5.                   Take care of the art room and supplies.

Art Room Consequences

  1. Warning and name on board.
  2. Take a break.  (Student works apart from group until they are invited back.)
  3. Note to teacher…(each teacher has their own consequence, such as clipping down or minutes lost from recess, etc…)
  4. Note Home (after 3 notes given to teacher)
  • Student takes note home to be signed.
  • In extreme cases the student will be sent to the principal.

We use the same note in Art, Gym, Library, Music.  This is a copy of the note:


____________ had a problem in  Art, Gym, Library, Music today:

__I chose not to participate.                               __I did less than my best.

__I was talking during listening time.              __ I was out of seat or assigned area.

__I was distracting others.                                   __I did not keep my hands to myself.

__I did not follow directions.                              __I put down other students.

__I did not wear my gym shoes.                        __I did not take care of supplies.

Please sign this note and return it tomorrow.

I am sure that together we can work to solve the problem.

_________________________________parent signature    __________________date

Clara Crosby     Art  803-5205 clara.crosby@ftcsc.k12.in.us

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