Best Art Advice Ever!!

Set up a special place for your young artist!  You don’t need a lot of money or resources to do this.  Just set up a simple table in an out of the way area where your artist is free to create.  Make sure that it is a place that is okay to get messy.  Stock the area with some simple art supplies such as a set of water color paints, crayons, markers, playdough, scissors, rulers, and so on.  Supply plenty of paper!  This could be paper bags, junk mail, or the back sides of school work.  Then let them create!!  If you create a place like this for your child you will be sending them a strong message about how much you value art and their abilities.  They will go to their art center when they feel the urge to create, or when they are sad or happy and want to express their emotions with art.   It doesn’t take much to make sure your artist has a place to create!  Who knows?!  You just might be the mom or dad of a future Pablo Picasso, Mary Cassatt, Frank Lloyd Wright, or Georgia O’Keefe!!

3 Comments on “Best Art Advice Ever!!”

  1. David Henriott says:

    That is a beautiful area that would be sure to inspire!

  2. Torrie Smith says:

    I love this idea! That will be my summer project to encourage Finn’s artistic side!

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